What Is A Sales Tax Holiday?

We love getting things free and sales tax holidays allow us to do just that.

But what can you get tax free? Does every state participate? And how can you benefit the most from a sales tax holiday?

What Can You Get Tax Free?

Most people think of school supplies like notebooks, books, and electronics and that’s true you can get all of that.

You can also get clothes, hurricane preparedness supplies, guns, and ammunition all depending on which state you live in.

What States Participate?

Almost all states have a sales tax holiday of one sort or another. Some are only a few days while others are a week. Some are just clothing, and others are all of the things listed above.

Go to your state’s website and find out more about what specifically you can get in your state.

Why Is This Done?

Taxes are important to pay for things like police, firefighters, and road work so why would the Government have a sales tax holiday?

It could be for a number of reasons. It could simply be to make it easier for those parents who have difficulty buying school supplies for their children.

Another reason for a sales tax holiday is to help stimulate the economy. If you know you will save money if you buy things now, and the business even gives additional sales then the economy will get a nice boost of income overnight.

How To Benefit The Most From A Sales Tax Holiday

So how do you benefit the most from a sales tax holiday? Save your money for when the holiday comes so you don’t have to put anything on credit.

Next check the ads, every business knows people will be spending money and they want you to spend it with them. Because of this, they will have some good sales to go along with the sales tax holiday that you can and should take advantage of.

Finally, don’t buy too much. If you just go crazy buying anything and everything you will quickly find out that the interest you pay will offset the savings you are trying to get from buying the products.

Here is a list of states, and what they offer for the sales tax holiday.

Alabama clothing, computers, school supplies, books

Arkansas clothing, school supplies, books

Connecticut clothing

Florida clothing, school supplies, books

Georgia clothing, school supplies, computers

Iowa clothing

Louisiana all TPP – $2,500, hurricane preparedness items – $1,500, firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies

Maryland clothing footwear

Missouri clothing, school supplies, computers

New Mexico clothing, school supplies, computers

Oklahoma clothing

South Carolina clothing, school supplies, computers

Tennessee clothing, school supplies, computers

Texas clothing, diapers, backpacks, school supplies

Virginia clothing, school supplies, green appliances, hurricane preparedness items

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